PrivacyGuard (U.S.)

PrivacyGuard (U.S.) gives companies the power to quickly add an end-to-end managed ID protection program.


PrivacyGuard (U.S.)


Companies have a role in protecting their customers’ identity. In doing so, they can build stronger customer commitments and increase trust, retention, and engagement.

PrivacyGuard (U.S.) gives businesses the power to quickly add an end-to-end managed ID Protection program.

PrivacyGuard is a comprehensive privacy protection service that can be personalized for your business which helps your customers take control of their credit, monitor their information, and prepare for the future.

Provide your customers with monthly access to Experian®, Equifax®, and TransUnion® credit reports & scores, and ongoing monitoring of their sensitive information on the Public & Dark Web. Plus, they will receive alerts if we detect signs of certain activity. These are the tools that deliver enhanced protection and some peace of mind that will help your customers.

In addition, you can drive incremental revenue while creating customer commitment – with solutions to best suit your customers’ needs and your brand values.

PrivacyGuard | Tenerity

Achieve Business Objectives

Adding PrivacyGuard is a smart and easy way for businesses to create added value for their customers while helping to drive business outcomes including:

Retain Customers

PrivacyGuard helps businesses retain customers by providing them with much-needed ID and credit protection. Monitoring your customers’ identity and data creates additional value for customers and can help reduce churn, enabling you to compete on more than just price.

Customer Engagement and Upsell

For businesses with low interaction frequency and fewer opportunities for engagement, PrivacyGuard offers another reason to communicate and stay top-of-mind with customers. As a result, you can increase traffic to your digital customer portals or apps, increase engagement through demonstrating continuous value, and create the opportunity to upsell or cross sell.

Increase Revenue & Lifetime Value

Offering PrivacyGuard as a paid-for, value-added service opens a new revenue opportunity for your business. In addition, the service can help reduce churn, increasing customer lifetime value.

Create Competitive Differentiation

Customers often have a choice of products that offer similar service levels, terms, and pricing. By adding PrivacyGuard to your core service, you can differentiate from the competition and enhance your competitive advantage. 

Enhance Brand Reputation & Trust

PrivacyGuard is ideal for any company with trust or safety as core brand attributes. The service adds a layer of “always-on” protection for customers, safeguarding their everyday life and building trust.

Research: ID Theft SOS

ID Theft SOS

The ID Theft SOS pulse survey identifies the opportunity for brands to build customer preference and loyalty through the bundling of ID protection services.

The survey highlights:

  • The level of consumer knowledge of the different forms of identity theft
  • The concern of consumers of the threat of identity theft
  • Consumer confidence in resolving an incident of identity theft
  • The types of businesses that consumers would look to for Identity theft protection services as an added benefit
  • The impact on consumer likelihood to choose a product or service that includes ID theft protection
  • The willingness of consumers to pay to have ID theft protection included as an added benefit


The platform is configured according to your business needs and customer requirements.



across devices

  • Secure browser
  • Smart anti-virus
  • Mobile secure keyboard
  • ID verification monitoring


24/7 ID monitoring
and alert services

  • Social security number monitoring
  • Dark and public web monitoring
  • Credit reports, alerts, scores
  • Monthly score tracker


Comprehensive fraud resolution
and specialized assistance

  • Lost and stolen assistance
  • Card and document protection
  • ID theft insurance

Why PrivacyGuard (U.S.)?

Tenerity delivers a seamless and superior customer experience at every interaction (e.g., online, in the call center, via email, etc.). Our experience, capabilities, and exceptional customer service around identity differentiates us and has continued to set us apart for more than 40 years. 

Personalized and comprehensive
Resolution assistance based in the U.S.

Specialized support
From dedicated FCRA-certified fraud resolution experts.

Full suite of benefits and fraud recovery kit
Customized to fit partner needs and price point.

Tenured, experienced and dedicated credit experts
Trained Agents under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines.