Supercharge your revenue with our industry-leading consumer subscription programs

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We drive ancillary revenue for our clients at online and in-person points of contact using consumer subscription products, ranging from identity and cyber protection to cashback savings programs.


Unlock the potential of your online transactions.

Our Cashback solution connects online shoppers to 1000s of exclusive cashback and saving deals by serving native ads into the post-transaction flow of a partners’ e-commerce site.

Our market-leading solution delivers 2-3X more revenue than traditional display advertising.


Provide peace of mind to customers.

Generate incremental revenue by helping customers prevent, detect, and resolve threats to their identity with comprehensive identity and cyber protection from PrivacyGuard.

Established for over 30 years, PrivacyGuard is trusted by businesses across the globe to protect their customers.


The 2022 Banking
Benefits Survey

In the spring of 2022, the Tenerity research team surveyed 1,417 banking customers in the United States.

The survey focused on consumer usage of benefits associated with their checking accounts. We wanted to understand their benefit preferences, use, how the benefits experience could be improved…