About Us







We drive ancillary revenue for our clients at online and in-person points of contact using consumer subscription products ranging from identity and cyber protection to cashback savings programs. 

Our Complete Savings program is the leading cashback program in Europe, and our newly launched cashback program in the U.S. offers consumers cashback savings at thousands of well-known merchants.

Our PrivacyGuard brand has been a leader in identity and cyber protection for over three decades and is trusted by businesses and consumers across the globe.

Based in Plano, TX, Tenerity operates in 15 countries, and our 1,000+ associates work with more than 2,000 partners.

We are defined by our core values

Trust Transparency Tenacity

Dive into a goal-driven environment where innovation and results go hand in hand. We champion a culture of transparency, trust, and tenacity, driving solutions that deliver tangible business outcomes.

Why Tenerity?

Tenerity’s solutions engage customers with compelling benefits to drive incremental revenue for our partners.

Industry Leading Business Model

Our proven business model aligns merchant, partner and customer aims by leveraging our portfolio of exclusive and enhanced money saving benefits along with our pioneering ID protection and cyber benefits that engage customers.

Established Industry Expertise

We have successfully worked with some of the largest brands in financial services, telecommunications, retail, utilities, and eCommerce across the globe. Our deep sector knowledge, coupled with our industry expertise, make us a trusted partner for brands across the world.

Engagement and Marketing Heritage

Our roots began as a data-driven marketing services company and over the years we have expanded our digital capabilities while maintaining a focus on customer engagement.

Deliver Multiple Business Outcomes

Tenerity’s modular and configurable products enable you to deliver outcomes to achieve your business objectives – acquisition, retention, customer satisfaction, or revenue generation, through to cross selling and upselling new products and services.