Provide peace of mind to your customers.




PrivacyGuard is a comprehensive suite of identity and cyber protection services designed to help your customers prevent, detect, and resolve ID and cyber threats.

A PrivacyGuard subscription gives customers access to their credit scores and reports from Experian®, Equifax®, and TransUnion®. Additionally, we monitor their sensitive information on both the Public and Dark Web and send alerts if any compromised data is detected.

Adding PrivacyGuard to your offerings generates a new revenue stream and strengthens customer retention, ultimately increasing the value of your customer relationships.

End-to-End Customer Protection

PrivacyGuard provides your customers with full suite of ID and Cyber protection services


across devices

  • Secure browser
  • Smart anti-virus
  • Mobile secure keyboard
  • ID verification monitoring


24/7 ID monitoring
and alert services

  • Social security number monitoring
  • Dark and public web monitoring
  • Credit reports, alerts, scores
  • Monthly score tracker


Comprehensive fraud resolution
and specialized assistance

  • Lost and stolen assistance
  • Card and document protection
  • ID theft insurance

Why choose PrivacyGuard?

Our experience, capabilities, and exceptional customer service in identity protection have differentiated us and have continued to set us apart. 

Industry-Leading Protection
For over 30 years, PrivacyGuard has been a trusted name in identity protection, safeguarding customers globally while also generating significant incremental revenue for financial institutions.

Comprehensive 360° Security
Customers can enjoy peace of mind with end-to-end protection that preemptively prevents, swiftly detects, and helps resolve identity threats.

Rigorous Data Compliance
Adhering to strict standards such as PCI DSS and ISO/IEC 27001, PrivacyGuard ensures full compliance with all relevant regulations, safeguarding customer data with the highest security protocols.

Flexible Deployment Options
Choose from white-labeled, embedded, or directly branded options. PrivacyGuard offers flexible, ready-to-implement solutions designed to meet your specific business needs and brand objectives.