Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Tenerity, we believe that CSR represents the policies, practices, and initiatives a company commits to, in order to govern themselves with honesty and transparency and have a positive impact on social and environmental wellbeing. It is not just about visible programs of good citizenship but a reflection of values and philosophies that are embedded in an organization.

With Prayas, our CSR arm we seek to create positive experiences and environments. We focus on initiatives that contribute to social & economic development and build a sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of the society. The Prayas committee comprises of active CSR volunteers within the company. Currently the committee members are Kalpana Nehra, Gufran Khan, Harshal Jakatdar, Sneha Tope, Loic Blondel and Alan Gaynor.

Our primary focus is on two areas:

  1. Disaster Relief towards COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Child Education

Disaster relief toward covid-19 pandemic

Supporting causes that help in COVID relief measures

The ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has caused tremendous socio-economic problems. All societies worldwide were faced with an emergency situation, and many were puzzled by the implementation of various countermeasures to overcome this situation. Such events call for active engagement and support from the private sector.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Tenerity India Pvt. Ltd. supported Dawadi village in Pune with an “Ambulance” through PRAVARTINI BHARATMATA PU PRAMODSUDHAJI CHARITABLE TRUST. The Village with a population of 10,000+, where people are facing problems in getting access to medical help. The village has a small sub-center of the government hospital (called UpKendra), but serious patients need to be moved to other hospitals, mostly Pune, PCMC.

Tenerity India Pvt. Ltd. helped in buying an Ambulance for the village, with the model Supro Ambulance ZX BS6 worth INR 943000. The ambulance is not just helping the patients to move them to the hospitals on an urgent basis, but the Ambulance has also been operated as a moving vaccine centre within the village and visiting colonies. The pandemic has emphasized the need to build an emergency healthcare infrastructure. This required coming together of industries, government, and citizens in our fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ambulance donated by Tenerity India Pvt. Ltd. to Dawadi village-Pune.

Child Education

Supporting Education for Underprivileged Children for a Greater Good

With the education sector in India fraught with various challenges, we contributed a little to strengthen the foundation of education in the country through our CSR activities. To create long-term, sustainable change through CSR activities, we are always keen to adopt and engage with Government schools in Pune. Communities around an office park or campus often feed the support staff of a corporate. Being actively involved in the growth and development of nearby schools we ensured that any program or support for the students should consistently be leading to a larger impact.

Below are a few NGOs, Tenerity India Pvt. Ltd. is associated with to help in Child Education through different means:

Under “The Apprentice Project” Tenerity India Pvt. Ltd. supported children from low-income communities to explore who they are and achieve what they want to do. Along with TAP Tenerity India used choice-based learning (Art & Craft, Coding, Dance, etc.) and socio-emotional skills as methods to develop children into future leaders.

  1. Since the nationwide lockdown was first initiated, it threw the lives of at-school children from public and low-income schools into disarray. With no idea about when normalcy will be restored, or what normalcy will look like once the lockdown is lifted, many of the students were looking at a year of little to no access to education. This is where schools, Tenerity India Pvt. Ltd. and TAP started taking action to provide resources to as many of these students as possible so that they can continue learning online, like their high-income peers have been.
  2. To aid the children with their creative endeavors, we sponsored Electronics to the schools who then ensured their delivery to individual students taking the TAP Electronics course.
A drawing made by a student Faizan from 6th grade & a Thank You note for Tenerity India from TAP
Art & Electronics material delivered school

The aim is to provide a good foundation education to underprivileged children so that once they enter the government schools, they have stronger motivation to stay in school as well as a higher ability to receive scholarships and possibly join public schools pro-bono.

  1. Tenerity India donated INR 12,55,000 for the Prayas Educations Foundation students from the 3rd-5th standard to purchase smartphones/personal learning tablets to equip them for the digital world.
  2. The donation also helped in covering basic administration costs like rent, electricity & water, pantry, stationery, festival celebrations, 2 cleaning staff, teacher’s salary, principal’s salary of the school.
  3. Tenerity India also helped Prayas Education Foundation with spearheading a teacher’s training program to teach and train 30 young and bright women to either work with an existing Prayas Little Hands school or start 2-3 preschools in new neighborhoods.
Young Afroz took the lead and started sending recorded lessons to her students.
Classroom full of students to study.

Funding support from Tenerity helped DGS create an environment for holistic development for the children at City of Child. The children in DGS come from single-parent homes or have been orphaned, where the parent or guardian is unable to meet their daily needs. 40 children’s nutritional needs were met, they have all the educational support they need as well as recreational activities like their birthday celebrations, exposure visits, and festival celebrations. The funding support also enabled to take care of children’s & families’ physical and mental health; wherein routine health checkups were conducted. Even their individual emotional healthcare is taken care of by providing counseling sessions as per their individual/age group requirements.

Deep Griha Society highly appreciates Tenerity CSR committee (Prayas) participation and support in the journey to achieve their overall vision that is,

“Empowerment of the marginalized through capacity building and sustainable rural and urban development programmes”

Art & Craft

We believe in giving continuous support & participation to society, as even a small help can transform lives!