Our Savings and Protection programs help our partners to generate incremental revenue and increase retention by offering their customers differentiated, value-added products.


Make shopping more rewarding for your customers.

Our market-leading reward platforms encourage smarter shopping by offering ongoing incentives – empowering customers to save hundreds a year on their shopping – which stimulates more frequent and valuable customer interactions.

We partner with over 200 businesses worldwide, helping them generate a valuable and reliable secondary revenue stream based on referral commission.

By encouraging smarter shopping decisions we’re helping to make the shopping experience more rewarding for our partners and their customers alike.



Protection incorporates a set of credit, cyber, and identity theft protection products for consumers and small businesses.

In an increasingly risky cyber landscape, businesses can help security conscious, cyber-concerned customers monitor online threats while building customer engagement and trust.

Tenerity offers two protection products: PrivacyGuard (US) and Cyber Protection (international only). Both focus on education, prevention, detection, and resolution and make it simple for your customers to manage and protect their personal and financial data to ensure a safer online experience.