Funky Pigeon

Improving the life time value and brand loyalty of its customers.



repeat purchase rate within 6 weeks


third purchase rate by members*

* Of members who redeemed their reward and went on to purchase more credit, 66% went on to make a third purchase


Funky Pigeon, part of WH Smiths group, is a market leading online personalized greeting cards and gift business, specializing in helping customers create a memorable and keepsake gift or card for any occasion.

Funky Pigeon were looking to increase the lifetime value and brand loyalty of its customers through three initiatives:

  1. Develop a customer engagement solution that improves the customer experience and rewards customers for their loyalty.
  2. Influence customers who typically make one purchase per year to make repeat purchases of their personalised greeting cards and gifts.
  3. Encourage and reward loyal behavior through use of a digital wallet.


Customers were given the opportunity to join My Funky Rewards, an API-driven customer engagement solution.

This bespoke solution offered new members the opportunity to claim a welcome reward (£6.87) that was instantly credited to a wallet, encouraging members to make a second purchase.

All metrics for the second purchase were tracked via the API integration, offering unprecedented shopper intelligence on repeat purchases, average order value, frequency of purchase, and lifetime value.


Key Outcomes

Repeat Purchases

A third of My Funky Rewards members went on to make a second purchase within the first 6 weeks of membership.

Third Purchases

Of the members who redeemed their reward and went on to purchase more credit, an impressive 66% went on to make a third purchase, thus providing the perfect mechanism to maximize sales and increase lifetime value and brand loyalty from Funky Pigeon’s customer base.

Very excited to have launched our own loyalty program that offers our customers such a high value, benefits-rich proposition, whilst continuing to generate significant incremental revenue for the business. Encouraging customers to make a repeat purchase within six weeks makes a huge impact on our profitability, and we see this happening with My Funky Rewards.

Richard Pepper
Founder, Funky Pigeon