Cyber and ID Protection (International)

Tenerity’s Cyber & ID Protection platform makes it simple for your customers to manage and protect their personal and financial data to ensure a safer online experience.


Cyber and ID Protection


Build customer engagement, trust, and retention with comprehensive cyber and identity protection for customers and small businesses.

Identity protection is more critical than ever. Data breaches and cyberattacks are on the rise. In 2021, there were over 22 billion records breached. Security experts predict this number will increase between 5% to 10% annually. *

In this increasingly risky cyber landscape, businesses can help cyber-concerned customers protect against online threats.

Tenerity’s Cyber & ID Protection platform makes it simple for your customers to manage and protect their personal and financial data to help ensure a safer online experience.


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Achieve Business Objectives

Adding Cyber Protection and ID Protection is a smart and easy way for businesses to create added value for their customers while helping to drive business outcomes including:

Retain Customers

Keeping your customers’ identity and data safe with digital protection creates additional value for your core products that can help to reduce churn and retain customers.

Customer Engagement and Upsell

For businesses with low interaction frequency and fewer opportunities for engagement, Cyber and ID Protection provides additional ways to stay top-of-mind with customers and show continuous value. This can increase traffic, up or cross sell, and increase engagement.

Increase Revenue and Lifetime Value

Offering Cyber and Identity Protection as a paid-for, value-added service opens a new revenue opportunity for your business. In addition, the service can help reduce churn while increasing customer lifetime value.

Create Differentiation

By offering Cyber and Identity Protection, you can differentiate your services and products from the competition, enhancing your competitive advantage and enabling you to compete on more than price.

Enhance Brand Reputation and Trust

Cyber and ID protection service is ideal for any company with trust or safety as core brand attributes. It adds a layer of “always-on” monitoring for customers that helps safeguard their everyday life to build trust in your brand.


The platform is configured according to your business needs and customer requirements.

Customer Portal


Customers can configure and manage the protection of their data with an interactive dashboard (risk levels, threat alerts, action plans to rectify issues, and educational security information).

Surface Web Scanning

Surface Web

Always-on internet monitoring to detect exposed or compromised financial and personal data that could be used directly for fraud or identity theft.

Dark Web Scanning

Dark Web

Continuous scanning of the Dark Web for stolen, leaked, or lost login credentials and other personally identifiable information, monitoring millions of identities exposed in data breaches, web pages, forums, open storage sites, and chatrooms.

Web Clean Up

Clean Up

Assistance in blocking and removing data and photos on the Internet that may be harmful to the privacy of customers or their family members.

Detection and real-time alerting

Detection &
Real-Time Alerting

Email or SMS real-time alerts of identified risks and breaches, ranked by risk level and with details (where compromised data was detected + easy-to-follow action plans for best response).

Education Center & Chatbot

Education Center
& Chatbot

Prevention is focused on educating users with digestible content to improve behaviour, engagement, and security. Chatbot Scout provides 24/7 support, routing users to detailed FAQs and rich supporting articles and videos.

Mobile VPN


VPN encryption protects your identity and personal information by creating a “secure tunnel” between your device and our secure servers. Everything is encrypted, so you can search, surf, share, shop, and bank with confidence.

Device Vulnerability


Devices (phones, laptops) contain highly sensitive information making them a prime target for cyber criminals. This module helps ensure they’re protected against common vulnerabilities.

ID Helpline


Access to a team of experts, by phone or email, which provides everything from help and advice on cyber and ID threats to data clean-up and fraud resolution.

Why Cyber and ID Protection?

Comprehensive End-to-End Solution

Available in 11 languages, the platform provides a comprehensive 360 solution for customers, including modules for education, prevention, detection, and resolution.

Access to the Largest Breach Dataset

We access an extensive vetted identity data lake which, includes 131bn+ breached identity attributes, 66bn+ breached identity records, and 10 years of historical data.

Real-Time Actionable Insights

Breach and identity data are analyzed using advanced machine learning, resulting in vetted information, rich with best-in-class details, and actionable insights in real-time for customers.

White Labeled and Quick to Launch

The platform can be fully white labeled to your brand or product identity and can go live with minimum effort within four weeks.