Make everyday life more rewarding for your customers




Make everyday life more rewarding for your customers.

Our range of Lifestyle programs help stimulate more frequent and valuable customer interactions between our clients and their customers by offering differentiated, value-added products, giving customers reasons to engage more and stay longer.

Flexible solutions to meet multiple business needs

Plug & Play

With our range of programs from bespoke concierge service to engaging experiences, we help our partners deliver customer value and increase retention by offering their customers differentiated, value-added products.

Tenerity Nordic’s inhouse marketing capabilities embracing PR, content production, digital marketing and campaign management ensures that the customer communication is relevant, engaging and topical.

White label

White Label

Partners are also invited to offer any of our customer engagement solutions as their own. Connect with your customers across all touch points with a seamless and consistently branded experience.

Why Tenerity?

More Rewarding Experiences

From easy engagement to bespoke concierge service, we create value for clients and their customers through engaging experiences.

Easy Engagement

Create an appealing reason to connect with your customers in a casual and attractive way with Easy Engagement. With minimal effort on your side, we create content and support your customers all the way from inspiration to purchase, making sure your brand is close to the customers everyday life.

Experience More

Give your customers the luxury of Experience More with inspirational content and easy access to personal guidance with our skilled agents that will save your customer hours of internet browsing and result in a more enjoyable experience.

Concierge Service

Through our unique Concierge Service we provide a lifestyle service helping your customers with anything they may need; from the small and easy – to the large and more complicated. Tenerity Concierge offers a personal service delivered through a proactive and customer engaging solution, letting your customers enjoy personalized everyday experiences served by our Concierge Agents, plus engaging communication and inspirational content easily accessible via multiple devices. The digital platform becomes a true one-stop-shop for customers to request things, receive booking documents or just simply get inspired by any upcoming experience – whether it is travelling, dining or attending a sport or cultural event and tap into the exclusive benefits provided by Tenerity and our partners.

An Extension of Your Brand

We ensure each of our incentive offers are appropriate, relevant, and compelling for your customers to complement and enhance your brand.